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We are a boutique consultancy that partners clients in telling their stories, examining opportunities, managing issues and in shaping and communicating messages that will be embraced by their stakeholders and the community.

Oakridge’s public relations and marketing communication programs achieve client goals, influence target markets, enhance reputations and help open up new opportunities and income streams for clients.

At Oakridge we focus on reputation, first and foremost. Reputation management, positioning, branding, issues management and strategic communication are all designed to capture imagination, gain understanding and generate support.

Sometimes this means creating thought-provoking media campaigns.  At other times it means developing integrated branding and communication programs or launching creative events and initiatives to activate communities, achieve change, gain support, manage brands or build profile and credibility for events and initiatives.

We’ve been doing this in Western Australia since 1991 and we’re pleased to say that some of our clients have been with us since our beginnings.

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