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We love to see ideas grow (call them acorns) and we constantly squirrel away ideas to support the image and aspirations of clients.

Underpinning our approach are the words of US President, Abraham Lincoln -
“With public opinion on your side nothing can fail.  With it against you, nothing can succeed".

We know how important it is to influence public opinion to gain support for initiatives and ideas.  We understand the essential nature of keeping stakeholders – both internal and external -  informed and educated about what is important to your organisation.

And we know this cannot be achieved unless communication is underpinned with honesty, integrity and a clear understanding of the environment in which clients operate.

When we accept an assignment, clients have our full support and commitment to their success.  Oakridge has great enthusiasm and interest in the goals and aspirations of its clients. This can see us working with clients over many years or partnering them on short term campaigns and communication projects.  And we are always looking ahead and building a blueprint to help guide clients long after Oakridge’s work is done.

We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy forging great partnerships that produce effective results.  Please call us to discuss your goals and the results you would like to achieve.

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